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Model Rules 2005

Model Rules 2005
The Revised Rules for your perusal
 1. Conditions, Names and Objects
1.1 Conditions
The benefit of the Community Society (hereinafter called the “Club”) is
affiliated to The Royal British Legion (referred to as the “RBL”) as an
officially recognised Royal British Legion Club and shall comply with such
conditions as may be prescribed from time to time by the RBL for the issue of a
licence to use the words “The Royal British Legion” in the Club’s name.
1.2 Name
The Club shall be named Royal British Legion House (Blandford) Club Ltd.
1.3 Objects
The objects of the club shall be:-
1.3.1 To advance the charitable aims laid down in the Royal Charter of
Incorporation and Schedules of the RBL and to contribute to the benevolent funds
of the RBL.
1.3.2 To carry out the business of a bona –fide members club providing the means
for social activity, mutual helpfulness, mental and moral improvement,
recreation, and other advantages of club membership.
1.3.3 To promote comradeship amongst members of the RBL, the RBL Branch (‘the
Branch’), in the locality in which the club is situated and liaison with other
Ex–Service organisations.
1.3.4 To organise fund raising in support of the ‘Poppy Appeal’ and other RBL
sponsored appeals.
1.3.5 To support the Branch in its aims and to hold regular meetings with the
Branch to discuss matters of mutual interest.
2. Office
The Registered Office shall be at Church Lane Blandford Dorset DT117AD
Notice of any change in the situation of the registered office shall be sent by
the Club Secretary in the manner and form provided by statutory regulations
within seven days thereafter to the RBL Board of Trustees, through the Regional
Organiser, County Secretary or the County Field Administrator for registration
with the Financial Services Authority.
3. Seal of Club
The Club shall have its name engraved in legible characters upon a seal (‘the Seal’)
The Seal shall be in the custody of the Club Secretary or such other Officer as the Committee appoint, and shall be used only under the authority of a resolution of the Club Committee (‘the Committee’) more particularly described in rule18: the date thereof shall be mentioned on the instrument to which the Seal is attached, and shall be attested by the signatures of two Officers and by the Secretary
4. Use of the Club’s Name
The registered name of the Club shall be kept painted or affixed on the outside of the Club premises, in a conspicuous position in letters easily legible, and shall with the Club’s address be legible in legible characters on all business letters, notices, advertisements, and other publications of the club, in all bills of exchange, promissory notes, endorsements, cheques, an orders for money or goods purporting to be signed by or on behalf of the Club, and on all bills, invoices, receipts, and letters of credit of the club. The limited liability of the club shall be evident from the title used in the above.
5. Rules
5.1 Supply
The Committee shall ensure that the Club secretary is supplied with copies of the Club’s registered rules for issue to all members on their admission to membership, (see rule 8) and to any other member on request together with copies of all registered partial amendments for a payment not exceeding 10 pence.
5.2 Amendment
No amendment of these rules is valid until registered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). An application to the FSA to amend the registered rules must have the prior approval of the RBL Board of Trustees, having first been considered by the appropriate Regional Organiser, County Secretary, or CountyField Administrator and approved at a prior General Meeting of the Club members called for that purpose. Notice of any proposed amendment must be posted prominently in the Club for at least 14 days prior to the meeting to which the amendment is to be submitted and any amendment shall require the assent of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting at such a meeting.
6. Bye-Laws
The Committee shall have the power to make such bye-laws as it may consider necessary for the good order and management of the Club, provided that no such bye-law conflicts with the registered rules. A copy of all such bye-laws shall be posted on the Club notice board. Club bye-laws are to be reviewed annually by the incoming Committee.
7. Eligibility for Membership and Associates
All members of the Club and Associates must be at least 18 years of age.
7.1 Financial Membership
Financial Membership of the Club shall consist of fully paid up members of RBL, RBL Life Members and Woman’s Section members.
7.2 Club Associates
Serving members removed
7.2.1 A fully paid up member of another RBL Club temporarily resident in the locality of the Club.
7.2.2 A member of any other Club which qualifies as a “recognised” club under the Licensing Act 2003.
7.2.3 A member of a team attending the Club in connection with a sports or other contest.
7.2.4 A person specially invited by the Committee.
7.2.5 A person engaged by the Club for a social event may become a Club Associate for the period of such attendance, residence or engagement only.Persons may only be admitted as a Club Associate for a period or periods which together do not exceed thirty days in any one calendar year. A period of two clear days shall elapse between the nomination and admission of a Club Associate and a list of names and addresses of such persons shall be posted in the Club at least two clear days before admission in their own right, and shall remain posted throughout the whole period of the association. The total number of Club Associates at any one time must not exceed 10% of the total Club membership. Club Associates shall have all the rights and privileges of affiliated Club visitors and be subject to the same rules and bye-laws.
8. Application for Membership
8.1 Financial Membership
8.1.1 Application for financial membership shall be made to the Club Secretary.
8.1.2 Applicants must submit evidence of membership of the RBL or the RBL Woman’s Section.
8.1.3 Applicants must sign an application form for one share and provide a deposit of one pound which will be returned in the event of non-acceptance as a member.
8.1.4 The application form must contain present name and address of the applicant, signed by a proposer and a seconder both of whom must have completed six months membership of the Club. This form shall be posted in the Club for at least two clear days prior to the proposed members name being considered by the Committee.The Committee has the sole authority to admit applicants to membership or to reject them. The decision of the Committee shall be final. The reasons for the decision shall not be conveyed to the applicant.Upon admission the new member shall:-Purchase one share valued at one pound.Be provided with a copy of the Club’s registered rules. If a charge is made, it
must not exceed 10 pence.Pay the current joining fee and subscription.Receive a Club sticker to validate his Legion Club/Affiliate membership card.Until this admission is fully completed, applicants are not entitled to enter the Club in their own right or to enjoy the privileges of membership.
8.2 Club Associates
Applications to become a Club Associate shall be made to the Club Secretary. Applicants must submit evidence of RBL Club membership or membership of a recognised Club, where appropriate. The names and addresses of applicants shall be published on the Club notice board for at least two clear days before the association becomes valid.The Committee may authorise the admission of Club Associates from a date being two clear days from the date of receipt of the relevant application. Payment of a subscription will be required in accordance with Rule 10.1.Club Associates shall enjoy the same facilities as financial members, exceptthey may not attend any meeting of the Club, vote on any resolution or hold a share within the Club.
Upon completion of the membership, the member is to be issued with a numbered share certificate by the Club secretary.
Shares shall not be withdrawable or transferable and shall be of the value of one pound. No member shall hold more than one share and no interest or dividend shall be paid on it. Members shall forfeit their share holdings, on ceasing to be a member for whatever reason.A share held by members prior to the registration of these rules shall remain as one valid share irrespective of price paid.
10. Subscriptions and Joining Fees
10.1 Who Pays
All financial members shall pay an initial joining fee, together with a subscription to be set annually by the Committee, and ratified by the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).Club Associates shall pay a joining fee and subscription as determined by the Committee.Subscriptions are applicable only to the Club.
10.2 Payments Due
The subscription for the current financial year becomes due as soon as an applicant is admitted (see Rule 8.1) and subsequently on the first day of October – this being the beginning of the Club’s financial year.
10.3 Arrears
Any member who has not paid his subscription within four weeks after it has become due shall be considered to be “in arrears”.
The Club secretary shall post in the registered office a list of the names of members in arrears within five days of their becoming in arrears and no member in arrears shall be permitted to use the Club or to take part in its affairs and any Committee member shall resign immediately.
10.4 Lapsed Membership
Any member whose subscription is unpaid within four weeks of becoming in arrears shall cease to be a member. The secretary shall post in the registered office a list of the names of persons who, for this reason, have ceased to be members.
10.5 Excused Club Subscriptions
The Committee, on receiving information in writing addressed to the Club Secretary that any member has been unable to pay the subscription due to unemployment, disability or other good cause, may, at its discretion excuse payment of such members club subscription for such period as it may determine, in which case, such member shall not forfeit the privileges of membership, norshall the members name be included in the lists in 10.3 and 10.4 above.
11. Register of Members
11.1 Register
The Club shall keep at its registered office a register in which the secretary shall enter the following particulars.The names and addresses of all membersThe number of the share certificate held by each member.A statement of property in the club (whether in loans or otherwise held by members)The date at which each person was entered into the register as a member, and the date at which any person ceased to be a member.The names and addresses of the Officers and Committee with the offices held by them respectively and the dates on which they assumed office and resigned fromor ceased to be a member of the Committee.
11.2 Duplicate Register
The Club shall also keep at its registered office a duplicate register of members in which the secretary shall enter all the particulars as in the original register of members other than those mentioned in paragraphs 11.1 (b) and (c) above.
11.3 Address Change
Any member changing his address must notify the secretary of the change within 28 days thereafter.
11.4 Data Protection Act
The information in the register is retained strictly for the purpose of running a member’s society club.
12. Cessation of Membership
A member shall cease to be a member:-
(a) By non payment of subscription (see Rule 10)
(b) By Expulsion
(c) By resignation in writing and formal acceptance by the management Committee.
(d) By ceasing to be a member of the RBL or the RBL Woman’s Section as required
by rule 8.
(e) By suspension or expulsion from membership of the RBL or the RBL Woman’s Section. If the member is subsequently found not guilty of the offence on appeal, then the privileges of membership will be restored.
(f) Upon death.
13. Admission of Non Members to the Club
In addition to members and associates, the following may be admitted to the Club premises at the discretion of the Committee, but persons under the age of eighteen years shall not, in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003 and the regulations, be sold or allowed to consume intoxicants on the Club premises. Children and vulnerable people shall not play the Club Gaming Machines.
13.1 Affiliated Club Visitors
Provided the Club premises are not full, members of any Club which has been granted a RBL Club licence may usually be admitted to the Club upon presentation of their current Legion/Club Membership/Affiliate card. The Committee may make special arrangements regarding the admission of affiliated Club visitors to special events organised at or by the Club.The name and address of the visitor and the name of the Club to which they belong must be entered in a book kept for that purpose and the doorkeeper or other appointed official, being satisfied that they are eligible may admit them.Affiliated Club members shall enjoy the same facilities as financial members except that they may not attend any meeting of the Club, vote on any resolution, or hold a share in the Club.
13.2 Guests of Members
Any financial member, affiliated Club visitor, or Club associate may be accompanied by their spouse (or nominated partner) and children under the age of eighteen years as guests when the Club is open, subject to any restriction under the Club bye-laws.
In addition to their family (see proceeding paragraph) any financial member, affiliated Club visitor or Club associate may introduce up to two further guests each at any one time. Guest who is eligible for membership may only be introduced once in any one calendar month.All guests and the member (affiliated club visitor or club associate) introducing them shall sign their name in a book kept for that purpose.Members shall be responsible for the good behaviour of guests introduced by them during their period of stay in the Club. In the event that a guest is removedfrom the Club premises for misconduct, or any other cause, the member introducing such a guest may be subject to disciplinary procedures. Members must be present throughout the period their guests are in the Club.
13.3 Guest Approved by the Committee
Persons attending the following functions organised by the Committee or organised by a member and approved by the Committee may be admitted to the Club and may be provided with intoxicants in accordance with the Club Premises Certificate under the Licensing Act 2003 or its regulations (or subsequentlegislation), provided that such supplies shall be limited by any conditions imposed on the Club’s Premises Certificate by the local licensing authority or Magistrates Court in which the Club’s premises is situated. (“Local Authority”)-
(a) Sporting Teams, their officials and supporters engaged in sporting fixtures in which a representative team from the Club is participating.
(b) Occasions of a member’s personal or family nature not organised for profit and which are customary celebrations, e.g. weddings, retirements, anniversaries, etc
(c) Functions organised to entertain exclusively members of other RBL Clubs or members of other ex-service Clubs.
(d) By agreement with the Club, the RBL Branch, Woman’s Section and Youth Section shall be able to use such parts of the Club premises at agreed times for meetings and other functions within the agreed schedule for the Club. The duty Committee person to ensure that all guests of the Committee have their visit recorded in the visitor’s book.
13.4 Exclusions
Notwithstanding rule 13.1, 13.2, and 13.3 the following may not be admitted as guests:-
(a) Former members who have ceased to be members under 12(a), 12(b), 12(d) and 12(e)
(b) Persons whose application for membership has been refused.
(c) Members who are suspended under rule 22.
(d) Members who been ordered under rule21 to withdraw and who have not subsequently met the Committee.
(e) Members who have been suspended or expelled from RBL or RBL Woman’s Section membership.
14. Hours of Opening and Closing Club Premises
The Club shall be opened and closed at such hours as may from time to time fixed by the Committee within the schedule approved under the Club Premises Certificate issued by the Local Authority and notified to members by notice as posted in the Club.
15. Permitted Hours
The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicants are in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Licensing Act 2003 and its regulations and the total general licensing hours in accordance with the Clubs Premises Certificate as issued by the Local
Authority in which the Club premises is situated.Within the permitted hours, the Committee may determine the bar opening hours and this information shall be incorporated in a bye-law to be displayed on the notice board and notified to the Chief Officer of Police.Permitted hours for Temporary events (TENS) may be extended only by application to the Local Authority inaccordance with the Licensing Act 2003 and its regulations. Changes to the bar opening hours may be made by the Committee within the permitted hours, such changes being notified as above.
16. General Meetings
16.1 Ordinary General Meetings
OGM’s shall be held as directed by the Committee. The agenda for the meeting to be posted prominently on the Club Premises for at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. Additionally, the meeting is to be advertised in a local newspaper at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. Notice of a motion submitted in writing by any member at least seven days before the date of such meeting shall be added to the agenda by the Club Secretary. No matters other than those which appear on the agenda shall be discussed at an OGM.
16.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM of the members shall be held in the month of December in each year on a date to be fixed by the Committee. The date and time of the meeting together with an agenda of the business to be conducted and a copy of the annual accounts shall be posted prominently in the Club by the Club Secretary for at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting. It shall also be advertised in a local newspaper at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. The business of the meeting shall be to receive a report by the Committee for the previous financial year, to receive a statement of accounts, balance sheet and financial report for that period, to appoint the auditor where appropriate, together with the Club Arbitrators, officers and Committee. Any other business, which the Committee deem relevant, may be included on the agenda provided it is submitted in writing by a member at least seven days prior to the date of such meeting.
16.3 Special General Meetings (SGM’s)
16.3.1 How to be called
A SGM shall be called by the Club Secretary in the following circumstances:-
(a) Upon the direction of the Committee, and in accordance with such direction.
(b) On a requisition, signed by one –fifth of the financial members or thirty such members, whichever is the least, stating the proposed special resolution thereof. The requisition must include both the printed name and the signature of the members.Such meetings shall be held within not less than fourteen days nor more than twenty eight days from the date of the receipt by the Club Secretary of the requisition.
(c) As stated in Rule 20 “Removal from Office”
16.3.2 Notice to be given
Notice of any SGM, and of the objects for which it is called, shall be posted prominently in the Club by the secretary for at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting. It shall also be advertised in a local newspaper at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting. Should the secretary not give notice of an SGM in the manner required within seven clear days after a duly signed requisition has been delivered to him, any of the requisitionists may call such a meeting, giving notice as is provided by this rule.
16.3.3 Business
No business other than that named in the notice shall be brought before an SGM.
16.4 Quorum
A General Meeting (“GM”) which includes OGM,AGM, and SGM may proceed to business if twenty qualified members as per rule 16.6 or one twentieth of the total qualified membership (whichever is the greater) are presentwithin half an hour after the time fixed for the meeting, otherwise, the meeting, if an SGM convened on the requisition of the members, shall be dissolved: but, if an OGM or an AGM or SGM convened by order of the Committee, shall stand adjourned to the weekfollowing at the same time, and the meeting so adjourned may proceed to business, whatever the number of members present. No meeting shall become incompetent to transact business from the want of a quorum arising after the chair has been taken.
16.5 Presiding Officer
The President or the Chairman, or the Vice Chairman, or in the absence of all these Officers, a member elected by the meeting shall preside at all GM’s.
16.6 Voting
All financial members may attend and speak at any GM (other than those members under suspension or members denied use of the Club pending a disciplinary hearing). All financial members shall be entitled to vote on any resolution other than a resolution under Rule 35 or to amend Rules1, 5, 7 or 35 where the right to vote shall be restricted to those financial members who have been a member for three consecutive years or more. Voting shall be decided by a simple majority of those present except as otherwise provided in these rules. In the event of a tied vote, the motion shall be deemed to be lost.
16.7 Adjournment
Any GM duly constituted may adjourn to such time as the members present direct,and may continue any such adjournment from time to time. No business shall be introduced at any adjourned meeting which could not have been transacted at the original meeting.
16.8 Rescinding
No resolution passed by a GM shall be rescinded except by another GM called in accordance with Rule 16.1, 16.2, and 16.3.
17. Officers and Honorary Posts
17.1 Officers
Officers of the Club shall consist of a President, Chairman and Vice Chairman who shall be elected biennially (Every two years) and be members of the Committee (See Rule 19) and the Club Secretary and Treasurer who shall be appointed by the Committee.
17.2 Honorary Vice Presidents.
A person may be granted an award of an Honorary Vice Presidency of the Club. (Such persons should be of standing in the Community and be able to enhance the reputation of the RBL and the Club). The award of a Vice Presidency of the Club does not entitle the holder to be an Officer of the Club nor a member of the Committee.A person who receives such an award may also stand for election to the Committee in accordance with the registered rules as a member of the Club.
17.3 Vacation of Office
Any elected Officer shall vacate the office:-
(a) Upon removal from office under rule 20.
(b) Upon cessation of membership of the Club under Rule 12.
(c) Upon suspension under Rule 22
(d) Upon resignation submitted to the Club Secretary in writing and accepted by the Committee.
(e) Upon suspension or expulsion from membership of the RBL, but a successful appeal against the charge within the period of office will enable the elected Officer to resume his position.
(f) Upon Death
17.4 Vacancies
In the event of a vacancy arising from the elected officers, the Committee shall have power to appoint an eligible member to fill the vacancy (see Rule 19.4) until the next ballot held under rule 19, the period not to extend beyond the next annual ballot.
17.5 Honoraria
Officers other than the Club Secretary and Treasurer may receive such Honorarium as the members in GM may, from time to time decide. The sums awarded being referred to the local office of HM Revenue and Customs for deductions if any and declarations on the Club and individual tax returns.
17.6 Duties of Officers
17.6.1. The President
The President shall act as the Clubs Ambassador. He will not normally participate in the day-to-day management of the Club.
17.6.2 The Chairman
The Chairman shall, where possible, preside at all GM’s, Committee meetings, and have overall responsibility for the conduct of Club affairs as directed by the Committee.
17.6.3 The Vice Chairman
The Vice Chairman shall deputise for the Chairman as necessary.
The Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the paying into the bank all monies received by the Club from all sources, without any deduction for any purpose whatever, to the credit of an account opened in the name of the Club at such Bank and in such a manner as the Committee may direct, and further, shall keep such accounts and pay such debts of the Club as the Committee shall direct, and must render to the Committee or the GM an account of any monies received andexpended by the Treasurer. He/she will attend all GMs and Committe meetings as directed by the Committee.An appointed Treasurer shall have no voting rights in Committee.
17.6.5 The Club Secretary
The Club Secretary shall keep upon the Club premises the registers of membership, and a subscription book (or books) in which shall be recorded the payment of membership subscriptions. Carry out the directions of the Committee and, subject to such directions, shall receive monies on account of the Club, and pay the same to the Treasurer, and keep such accounts as the Committee may direct. Attend all GM’s, and Committee meetings as directed by the Committee, take minutes of the proceedings, ensure the preparation of accounts and annual returns, and submit the same to the auditor.An appointed Club Secretary shall have no voting rights in the Committee.
18. The Committee
18.1 Composition
The Committee shall be elected biennially (every two years) (see Rule 19) and shall consist of the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman and at least six other financial members.
At the first election following the date of the registration of this amendment of the rules, the Committee shall retire and a new Committee shall be elected as provided hereafter.
The President and Vice Chairman shall be elected for one year, thereafter for two years. The Chairman shall be elected for two years. Six Committeemen shall be elected, with the three Committeemen polling the lowest number of votes retiring at the following year’s election when three new Committeemen shall beelected to serve for two years. At the election two years after the first election, the three Committeemen who polled the highest number of votes at the first election shall retire and three more Committeemen shall be elected to serve for two years. Thereafter, the three senior Committeemen who have served for a period of two years shall retire at the AGM or as provided under rule 19.
Retiring Committeemen shall be eligible for re-election.
18.2 Employees of the Club
The Committee have exclusive powers to appoint, dismiss, enter into a contract of employment with, and fix the remuneration of the Club Secretary and Treasurer, Steward and any other employee. The Steward and other employees may be Associates of the Club during their period of employment with the Club. The Club Secretary and Treasurer may be financial members of the Club.
18.3 Management of the Club
The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Club having regard to these rules and to any resolution of a GM called under Rule 16.The Committee, or any Officers authorised by them, shall have the power to give orders for goods to be supplied and work to be done as may be necessary for carrying the purposes of the Club, but nothing in this rule shall empower the Committee to incur expenditure except such as is consistent with the purposesfor which the Club is established. No member shall by virtue of his appointment have power to order goods or dispose of property of the Club.
18.4 Payments to members of the Committee
Unless specifically authorised by a GM held under Rule 16, a member of the Committee may not:
(a) Supply goods to the Club for payment.
(b) Enter in to a contract for work to be done for the Club.
Committee members may not hold any position of salary or profit paid by the Club.(Note: Honoraria may be paid to Officers or other members of the Committee if specifically and individually authorised by the members at a GM called under Rule16)
18.5 Conduct of Meetings
18.5.1 Frequency
The Committee shall meet at least once per month for general business. The Chairman, or in his absence, the Vice Chairman or in his absence a Chairman elected by the members present shall take the chair at meetings of the Committee.
18.5.2 Voting
The quorum of the Committee shall consist of at least one third of the total membership of the Committee. Each member of the Committee shall have one vote only. Except where otherwise provided in these rules, motions shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting. In the event of a tied vote, motions shall deemed to be lost.
18.5.3 Rescinding a resolution
No resolution of the Committee shall be rescinded unless notice to rescind has been given at the previous meeting and all members of the Committee informed accordingly.
18.5.4 Minutes
Minutes of all meetings of the Committee shall be taken by the Club Secretary(or in his/her absence a person appointed by the Committee) The Club Secretary shall cause the minutes of the meetings to be retained for at least ten years.
18.6 Vacation of Office
Committee members will vacate their office:-
(a) Upon removal from office under rule 20.
(b) Upon cessation of membership of the Club under Rule 12.
(c) Upon suspension under Rule 22
(d) Upon resignation submitted to the Club Secretary in writing and accepted by
the Committee.
(e) Upon suspension or expulsion from membership of the RBL, a successful appeal against the offence during the period of elected service shall enable the member to continue Committee service.
(f) Upon Death
18.7 Vacancies
In the event of a vacancy arising amongst the members of the Committee, the Committee shall have the power to appoint an eligible member (see rule 19.4) to fill the vacancy until the next ballot held under rule 19, the period of appointment shall not continue beyond the next annual election.
18.8 Sub-Committees
The Committee may appoint sub-committees who shall be answerable to the Committee only, and all monies voted for the use of, or received by the sub-committee shall be dealt with in accordance with rule 17.6.4 and 17.6.5
18.9 Finance Sub-Committee
The Committee shall, at the first meeting following each election, appoint a sub-committee to be called the Sub Finance Committee. It shall consist of three members of the Committee who are not officers, one of whom shall act as Chairman. The Club Secretary and Treasurer are to be in attendance in a non-voting capacity. Other officers may attend such meetings but take no part in the proceedings unless requested to do so by the Chairman of the meeting.It shall be the duty of the Finance Sub-Committee:-
(a) To monitor the performance of the Club against budget projections.
(b) Arrange for stocktaking on the first convenient day of each month either by themselves or by an agent duly appointed for that purpose.
(c) Check all demands for payment with the order book of the Club, and with the delivery notes and invoices.
(d) To report to the Committee whether such stock records agree with the returns made to the Club by the Steward, and whether the demands for payment are correct.
(e) To see that the vouchers are produced by the Club Secretary for all payments made by him/her or by order of the Committee.
(f) To check whether the Club Secretary’s cash record is correct and up to date. The amount being reconciled with the Treasurers record and bank statements of Club accounts, to present to the monthly meeting of the Committee up to date records.The proceedings of the Finance Sub Committee shall be recorded by the Club Secretary in a minute book kept for that purpose. All cheques drawn against Club accounts shall be signed by at least one officer and a member of the Finance Sub Committee, both being authorised signatories.
18.10 Fidelity Insurance
All Officers, Committee members and employees of the Club whose duties may involve them in the handling of Club money or stock must be insured under an insurance policy which protects the club against dishonesty and fraud. The premium shall be paid by the Club.
19. Conduct of Elections
19.1 Procedure
The election of Officers and the Committee shall be carried out in the following order: First, for the position of Chairman, then Vice Chairman and President followed by the Committee, all of which shall be by ballot. A member may be nominated for more than one position, but may hold no more than one. Once a member is elected, then that persons name must be removed from all other ballot papers. In the event that an elected member declines to accept that particular office, then a fresh ballot must be held. Each financial member of the Club shall have one vote for each vacancy. The appointment of Club Arbitrators shall also take place at an AGM.
19.2 Ballots
Ballots shall be held either:-
(a) During the AGM.
(b) During the fourteen days following the AGM. Such ballots shall remain open
for at least three hours on the evenings of two consecutive days.
19.3 Scrutineers
19.3.1 Ballots shall be carried out under the direction of the Committee by three scrutineers appointed by the AGM. Scrutineers shall not be candidates, officers or voting members. They must be persons who have no direct interest in the proceedings.
19.3.2 The scrutineers shall, at the conclusion of the ballot, seal up the ballot papers and hand them to the Club Secretary who shall retain them for seven days.A scrutiny shall take place if a written demand is presented to the Club Secretary within seven days from the close of the ballot, signed by not less than one-tenth of the financial members of the Club, and a scrutiny shall be carried out by three different Scrutineers, to be named by the outgoing Committee, and their decision shall be final.
19.4 Eligibility
Any member (giving consent) shall be eligible for nomination for the Committee on completion of six months membership of the Club. All persons nominated to serve as Officers of the Club must have completed a qualifying period of Committee service as determined by the members and ratified by the Committee inthe Club bye-laws.
Nominees must be proposed and seconded by two financial members who must sign the nomination sheet. Nominators must havecompleted six months membership within the Club.
19.5 Nominations
At least three weeks before the day fixed for any ballot, a nomination sheetshall be posted prominently on the premises by the Club Secretary, on which the names of all candidates for any position must be entered. This sheet shall remain open for twenty fours hours prior to the AGM. If the ballot is to be heldat that meeting, or until the expiration of at least 24 hours following the AGM, if the ballot is to be held during the fourteen days following the date of the AGM.
19.6 Results of Ballots
The results of ballots shall be made known within twenty fours hours of the close of the ballot, by posting a notice on the Club notice board, attested by the signatures of the scrutineers recording the number of votes polled by each candidate and indicating which of the candidates are elected, the candidatesreceiving the highest number of votes being those elected, except as detailed in
Rule 19.7.
19.7 Resolution of Difficulties
Should the ballot result in two or more candidates receiving an equal number of votes for the last or only vacancy or vacancies in a particular post, the names of such candidates shall be written on slips of paper, which shall be placed so the names are concealed, and the President, or in his absence some person appointed by the scrutineers, shall then draw as many slips as there are vacancies to be filled, and the members whose names are drawn shall be duly elected.
20. Removal from Office
The Committee or any member or members thereof, including the elected Officers, may be removed by the votes of two thirds of the members present and voting at a SGM called for that purpose. In the event of the removal or the resignation of the whole or the majority of the Committee, the Club Secretary shall obtainnominations and appoint scrutineers and arrange for holding a ballot (see Rule 19.4) and the result shall be declared to a SGM to be called by the Club Secretary.The time and notices required by rule 16 for special general meetings shall not apply in this case, but three days will be allowed for nominations, the ballotshall be held on the succeeding three days, and the SGM held within three days of the close of the ballot.
21. Misconduct of Members
No gaming (other than those permitted by law), drunkenness, prohibited drugs, bad language or other misconduct shall be permitted on the Club’s premises, including the grounds and appurtenance thereof of any premises belonging to the Club or the Royal British Legion. Any Officer or member of the Committee, or any member duly authorised by the Committee shall have power to order the immediate withdrawal from the Club’s premises(including the aforesaid grounds, appurtenances and premises) of any member contravening the provisions of this rule, and the member may be dealt with by the Committee under Rule 22. Such a member shall have no right of re-entry to the Club premises, until requested to attend a meeting of the Committee, except that the member may attend appropriate Branch business meetings. (Such members shall be eligible for nomination, should the AGM fall within the period he is being denied access to the Club). If the next ordinary meeting of the Committee be within less than three days, themember may claim to appear before them at that meeting, and to have his case dealt with, waiving the length of notice required by the said rule22 if applicable.
22. Disciplinary Powers of the Committee
The Committee shall have power to reprimand, suspend (for not less than three months nor more than twelve months) or expel any member who shall infringe any rule, or whose conduct, whether within or without the Club premises shall, in their opinion, bring the name of the RBL Club, the RBL or the RBL Women’sSection into discredit and render the member unfit for membership of the Club.No member shall be reprimanded, suspended or expelled without being given an opportunity to be heard by the Committee and to advance a defence.A majority of two-thirds of the Committee then present and voting shall be required to determine whether:
1. The member is guilty or not guilty of the charge of misconduct.
2. To reprimand, Suspend or expel the member from the Club
Every member required to appear before the Committee under this rule shall receive at least seven clear days written notice from the Club Secretary and the appearance shall normally be within twenty eight days of the alleged offence. (Notice shall be sent by first class post which shall be deemed to have been received two days following the dispatch of the notice, for the purpose ofgiving notice to the member.The decision of the Committee shall be notified by the Club Secretary in writing to the member with seven days of the Committee meeting.A suspended member shall remain liable to pay his subscriptions, but shall notbe permitted to use any of the facilities of the Club, or take any part in the affairs of the Club. The Club Secretary shall invalidate the Club Membership/Affiliate card by deleting the authorisation sticker and provide a replacement at the end of the specified period of suspension. Following a period of suspension, if the member’s subscription is valid, then the member shallreturn to full privileges of being a financial member.
23. Appeals
The decision of the Committee under rule 22 shall be final, unless any member who is reprimanded, suspended or expelled under this rule, shall, within twenty eight days of having been notified in writing of the decision of the Committee, lodge an appeal to the Club Secretary.A member reprimanded, suspended or expelled shall have the right to appeal only to the independent Club arbitrators. The commencement of the appeal proceedingsshall be held within twenty eight days of the lodging of the appeal (unless there are substantial mitigating circumstances, i.e. the appellant is unable to attend through sickness or holiday).Arbitrators may not be members of the Club, but shall be people of standing in the community such as elected councillors, J.P’s or retired members of the Police force. Where possible, three arbitrators should be appointed. A single such arbitrator may hear an appeal. Such persons must be conversant with theregistered Club rule, and the requirements for disciplinary appeal proceedings. Arbitrators are to be appointed annually at the AGM. Retiring arbitrators shall be eligible for re appointment.Application for arbitration must be supported by a deposit of five times the RBL Affiliate fee. The administration costs of the arbitration shall be determined by the arbitrators.The findings of all disciplinary proceedings which include the result of arbitration shall be reported to the RBL Region/District/County in the prescribed format.
24. Disputes
Disputes being the subject of disciplinary proceedings under rules 22 and 23 shall not be covered under this rule.
24.1 Between a member and an officer of the ClubAll disputes between a member and an officer of the Club shall, unless the Committee elect to refer the matter directly to an SGM is settled by the Committee.The decision of the Committee shall be final, unless any party aggrieved thereby shall, within seven days, produce to the Club Secretary a requisition satisfyingthe conditions mentioned in rule 16.3 whereupon the decision shall be reviewed by an SGM.
24.2 Between a member and the Club All disputes between a member or person aggrieved who has ceased to be a member or any person claiming through such member or aggrieved person under the rules other than as provided for by rule 23) and the Club shall be referred to arbitration by the arbitrators appointed at the Club AGM. The decision of the arbitrators shall be final. Applications for arbitration must be supported by a deposit of five times the current RBL Affiliation fee. The administration costs of arbitration shall be determined by the arbitrators.
25. Inspection of Records by Members
25.1 Rights of Inspection
Any member or person having an interest in the funds shall have the right after giving seven days written notice, to inspect at the registered office, the records of account and records containing the names and addresses of the members of the Club, including all the particulars in the duplicate register of members, at all reasonable times. It shall be the duty of the Club Secretary to produce the same for inspection accordingly. Inspection of the loan account may be carried out by an officer of the Club or person specially authorised by a resolution of the Committee.
25.2 Discretionary
A member may, at the discretion of the Committee, on giving seven clear days prior notice of his reason in writing to the Club Secretary, inspect the minutes of any meeting of the Committee.Minutes of GM will be available for inspection by a member by giving not less than seven days written notice to the Club Secretary. The minutes may not be considered a true record of proceeding until accepted at a subsequent GM (e.g. the minutes of an AGM become a formal record on acceptance at the next AGM).
26. Annual Returns
26.1 Statutory Returns
Every year and within the period prescribed by statute, the Club Secretary shall send to the FSA the annual return, in the form prescribed by the FSA relating to the Club’s affairs for the period required under the act together with :A copy of the report of the auditor on the Club’s accounts for the period included in the return or with a copy of such other report (if any) as is required by statute for such period,: andA copy of each balance sheet made during that period and of the report (if any) of the auditor or other appropriate person on that balance sheet as required by statute.
26.2 Royal British Legion Returns
The club shall submit an annual return to the RBL Board of Trustees through the Branch and County by the first of March in each year which shall consist of:
One fully completed form C4 (License Application)
One fully completed form C5 (Summary of Accounts)
One copy of the audited Club Accounts
One copy of the Stock Report
Cheque for the appropriate RBL license fee, unless paying by Direct Debit
One copy of the Club Bye-Laws
Any other documentation as may be requested on form C4
27. Surplus
An AGM may resolve to apply the whole or any part of the surplus in any of the following ways:For providing for the redemption of the loan capitalIn the interests generally of the RBL and the welfare of ex-service personnel In promoting mutual activities and united actions between members, orFor any other lawful purpose, subject to rule 28 and to support the objects
under Rule 1.
28. Application of Funds
Except as interest on loans, no profits or funds of the Club shall be distributed among the members other than in pursuance of the provisions of Rule 27. (This would include, showing a trading deficit in the accounts, for more than two consecutive years).
29. Investments
The Committee may invest the funds of the Club in or upon any security, being a security in which trustees are for the time being authorised by law to invest for which purposes the Trustees Act 2000 or any act or acts amending or in substitution for the same and for the time being in force shall apply as if the Club were a trustee and its funds were trust property, but not otherwise.
30. Loans and Loan Stock
30.1 Loans
The Committee may obtain advances of money for the purposes of the Club from members or others on bonds, or agreements, or promissory notes, or from members only on certificates in respect of indebtedness of loan stock as provided hereafter. The total amount so obtained shall not exceed £1000,000 The Committeemay take any such loan on such terms as the rate and manner of repayment as it thinks fit; but terms as to the rate of interest agreed to be given on any such advance shall not exceed 5% per annum or 2% per annum above the ………. Bank Plc base lending rate, whichever is the higher (except monies borrowed by way of abank loan or overdraft ,or by way of a mortgage of the Clubs premises).Any bond of the Club may be made to a specific charge upon any property of the Club specified therein or in any schedule thereto, but a separate register shall be kept of all such bonds. All such bonds and other documents shall be made in such form, and shall be signed on account of the Club by such persons as the Committee may from time to time direct.The Club shall not receive monies on deposit.
30.2 Loan Stock
Any amount of loan stock for sums of 50 pence, or multiples thereof, being within the total limit mentioned in the proceeding rule, may be issued by the Committee to members only subject to the conditions following.
30.2.1 It shall not confer a right to demand payment of the principal from the Club, unless the interest is not paid within one month of a demand made in writing.
30.2.2 It shall not be evidenced by certificates of indebtedness under the hands of two members of the Committee and the Club Secretary, stating the amount of loan stock standing to the credit of the respective holders.
30.2.3 It shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding the rate described in Rule
30.2.4 The Club Secretary shall keep a register of the holders of loan stock for the time being containing such particulars as the Committee may from time to time direct.
30.3 Transfer of Loan Stock
A certificate of loan stock may be transferred by a for containing such particulars as the Committee may direct. A fee of 5 pence shall be paid by the transferor upon each transfer. A register of all transfers, containing such particulars as the Committee may direct, shall be kept, but no transfer shall be
registered unless it is properly stamped, or if made by a member indebted to the Club, without special order of the Committee. Until the transfer of loan stock is registered so right shall be acquired against the Club by the transferee, nor shall any claim of the Club upon the transferor be affected.
30.4 Repayment of Loan Stock
Subject to the payment of, or a sufficient provision for, all subsisting claims on the Club, the Committee may from time to time apply any monies which they cannot profitably invest, to pay off the loan stock holders in the order in which they are entered in the register, or in exceptional circumstances in such order as the Committee may decide. If a loan stock holder, who has received notice that the Committee is prepared to pay him off, leaves the sum to be thus repaid in the hands of the Club, he shall not be entitled to any interest thereon after theexpiration of the time named in the notice of repayment.
31. Audit
31.1 Appointment of Auditor / Lay Members
An audit shall be carried out of the Club’s accounts and balance sheet for each year as required by law or by the membership. The audit if required by law or by the membership shall be carried out by a registered auditor, or two or more Lay auditors where appropriate under the Deregulation (Industrial & ProvidentSocieties) Order 1996 “Registered Auditor” is one registered with one of the supervisory bodies listed in the Companies Act 1989.
31.2 Auditors Report (where Appropriate)
The auditor in accordance with Section 9 of the ” Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1968″ make a report to the Club on the accounts examined by him or her and on the revenue account or accounts and the balance sheet of the Club for the year of account in respect of which he is appointed.
31.3 Display of Balance Sheet
The Club shall keep a copy of the latest balance sheet together with the auditors report, displayed in a conspicuous place at the registered office.
32. Nominations and Proceedings on Death or Bankruptcy
Upon a claim being made by the personal representative of a deceased member or the trustee in bankruptcy of a bankrupt member to any property in the Club belonging to the deceased or bankrupt member the committee shall transfer or pay such property to which tie personal representative or trustee in bankruptcy who bas become entitled as the personal representative or trustee in bankruptcy he or she may direct.A member may in accordance with the law nominate any person or persons to whom (subject to the provisions of the law as to amount and the persons to whom a valid nomination may be made) any of his property in the Club at the time of his death shall be transferred. On receiving satisfactory proof of death of a member who has made a nomination, the Committee shall lf and to the extent that the
nomination is valid under the law either transfer or pay in accordance with the law the full value of the property comprised in the nomination to the person entitled there under.
33. Statutory Applications to the Registrar
The requisite number of members may, in accordance with the provisions of the
Act apply to the FSA:-
(a) For the appointment of an accountant or actuary to inspect the books of the Club and report thereon;
(b) For the appointment of an inspector to examine into the affairs of the Club and report thereon;
(c) For the calling of a SGM of the Club.
34. RBL License
The Club is bound by the conditions contained in the RBL Club License. The License is to be to be displayed in a prominent position in the Club.
35. Disaffiliation
The Club may disaffiliate from the RBL only by the written consent of three – fourths of the registered financial members defined in Rule 7, with supporting evidence being supplied to the board of Trustees of RBL for verification. Only those financial members who have been members of be Club for a minimum of three
consecutive years prior to the vote taking place may vote to disaffiliate from the RBL
36. Dissolution
The Club may at any time be dissolved by the consent of three-fourths of the financial members, testified by their signatures to an Instrument of Dissolution in the form provided by the act or under any regulations in that behalf or by winding up in a manner provide for by the Act. The proceeds of a sale ofproperty and accumulated assets to be conveyed to a like society with objects as determined in Rule 1 of the RBL and may not be distributed to members.
37. Interpretation
In these rules:-
Words importing the singular or plural shall include the plural and singular respectively.Words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine “The Act” shall mean the “Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 to 2002″ or any Act or Acts amending or in substitution for the same and for the timebeing in force.”Records” shall mean books, documents or computer data.”Local Newspaper” shall mean a newspaper circulating in or about the locality in which the Club’s registered office is situated.Reference to the Board of Trustees shall include successor bodies appointed within the RBLReference to statutes and regulations shall include subsequent editionsReference to the Royal Charter and it’s contents shall include subsequent editions

Any reference to the Chief Registrar, Registrar, Central Office or the FSA includes reference to the statutory successor or/of the relevant functions of any of them Fully paid up members of the RBL include members of the Women’s Section

Conditions, Names & Objects  
        Seal of Club
        Use of the Clubs Name
        Bye – Laws
        Eligibility for membership and Associates
                  Financial Membership
                  Club Associates     
        Application for Membership
                  Financial Membership
                  Club Associates
      10. Subscriptions & Joining Fees
      10.1 Who Pays
      10.2 Payments Due
      10.3 Arrears
      10.4 Lapsed Membership
      10.5 Excused Club Subscription
      11. Register of Members
      11.1 Register
      11.2 Duplicate Register
      11.3 Address Change
      11.4 Data Protection Act
      12. Cessation of Membership
      13. Admission of Non – Members to the Club
      13.1 Affiliated Club Visitors
      13.2 Guest of Members
      13.3 Guests approved by the Committee
      13.4 Exclusions
      14. Hours of Opening and Closing Club Premises
      15. Permitted Hours
      16. General Meetings
      16.1 Ordinary General Meetings
      16.2 Annual General Meetings
      16.3 Special General Meetings
      16.4 Quorum
      16.5 Presiding Officer
      16.6 Voting
      16.7 Adjournment
      16.8 Rescinding
      17. Officers and Honorary Posts
      17.1 Officers
      17.2 Honorary Vice Presidents
      17.3 Vacation of Office
      17.4 Vacancies
      17.5 Honoraria
      17.6 Duties of Officers
      18. The Committee
      18.1 Composition
      18.2 Employees of the Club
      18.3 Management of the Club
      18.4 Payments to Members of the Committee
      18.5 Conduct of Meetings
      18.6 Vacation of Office
      18.7 Vacancies
      18.8 Sub – Committees
      18.9 Finance Sub Committee
      18.10 Fidelity Insurance
      19. Conduct of Elections   
      19.1 Procedure
      19.2 Ballots
      19.3 Scrutineers
      19.4 Eligibility
      19.5 Nominations
      19.6 Results of Ballots
      19.7 Resolution of Difficulties
      20. Removal from Office   
      21. Misconduct of Members
      22. Disciplinary Powers of the Committee
      23. Appeals
      24. Disputes
      24.1 Between a member and an Officer of the Club    
      24.2 Between a member and the Club
      25. Inspection of Records by Members
      25.1 Rights of Inspection
      25.2 Discretionary
      26. Annual Returns
      26.1 Statutory Returns
      26.2 Royal British Legion Returns
      27. Surplus
      28. Application of Funds
      29. Investments
      30. Loans & Loan Stock
      30.1 Loans 
      30.2 Loan Stock
      30.3 Transfer of Loan Stock
      30.4 Repayment of Loan Stock
      31. Audit
      31.1 Appointment of Auditor Lay Members
      31.2 Auditors Report (where appropriate)
      31.3 Display of Balance Sheet
32. Nominations and Proceedings on death or Bankruptcy
      33. Statutory Applications to the Registrar
      34. RBL Licence
      35. Disaffiliation
      36. Dissolution
      37. Interpretation
Three Members and Secretary
As at date of Registration of Rules
Register No:
The amendment of the rules of …………………………………………………….. Club Limited to which this
acknowledgement is attached, is this day registered under the Industrial and
Provident Societies Act 1965
Date; …………………………..
Financial Services Authority
25 The North Colonnade
Canary Wharf
London E14 5HS



2011/12 Accounts

2012vt Accounts,  AGM & SGM 2011 Minutes,  AGM 2012

 You can view the accounts  by clicking on them
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Royal British Legion House (Blandford) Club Ltd.  Held on 3rd December  2012

Outgoing Committee:

Mr. H. Hamlyn (President), Mr. M. Mitchell (Chairman), Mr. F. Benham  (Vice Chairman), Mr. C Rees, Mrs. D Dallenger, Mr. G Dallenger, Mr. A Gale, Ms. E McGill, Mrs. M Mitchell, Mr. J. Davies (Secretary), Mrs. J Robinson (Treasurer).

Apologies for Absence:

Mrs. V Jenkins, Mr. P Thorne.


The meeting was called to order at 8.10 p.m. and the President delivered the exhortation.


Mr. Greg Bemment of Wheatley Pearce Ltd., chartered accountants, presented a summary of accounts prepared by his company.  The Club’s accounts showed a profit before tax of £2,879 compared with a loss in the previous year of £1,205.  The profit was attributable to an exceptional item, a refund of business rates but for which losses would have been reported in excess of £5,000.   Bar receipts were almost £10,000 down on the previous year which meant that the bar gross profit was reduced.  Gaming machine income was comparatively good compared with other clubs in the auditor’s experience but was still down on the previous year.  Bills for light and heat had increased but the long list of comparatively small sums headed under repairs and renewals had decreased slightly.  At the end the Club was showing a small net profit of £1,061 after taking into account depreciation and tax.

The decrease in income was disturbing.  There had obviously been an attempt to prune costs but whereas the Committee could control spending to an extent they had no control over income.  Nevertheless the accounts showed that the Club is solvent and had sufficient resources to pay all money owed to creditors at the end of September.

Mr. Arthur Cutler drew attention to the £16,060 showing owed to creditors on the accounts, and it was pointed out that at any audit date there was likely to be some outstanding debts to suppliers, and that this sum had in any case been taken into account in calculating the year’s profit.

Mr. Andrew Speer proposed and Mrs. Marie Parsons seconded a motion to accept the accounts which was passed without dissent.

Mr. Andrew Speer proposed and Mr. John Smith seconded a motion appointing Mr. Bement to be the Club auditor for the following year which was passed without dissent.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 19 December 2011:

The minutes of the previous AGM were read.  Mr. John Smith proposed and Mr. P Hancock seconded a motion to accept the minutes, which passed without dissent.

President’s Address:

Mr. Henry Hamlyn thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and thanked the Branch, Women’s Section, and Silver Threads for their help in keeping the Club going.

Chairman’s Address:

Mr, Mitchell opened by saying that it could not be pretended that the last year had been good for the Club.  Bar takings were badly down as a result of unusually bad weather during the last Christmas period, increases in beer duty and prices, and the general economic circumstances.  There had been positives: the Club now had a website thanks to the President, over-manning on quiet nights had been reduced, and an entertainment committee formed.  However the Club was facing the financial consequences of a Health and Safety inspection made by the Royal British legion health and safety officer in August.  The inspector had stipulated many items to be attended to, the most pressing of which was a full wiring inspection.  The inspection itself cost £1,500 and the first indications were that the work specified would cost the Club around £8,500 which would come in the coming financial year.

Mr. Mitchell wound up by thanking, on behalf of the members, all the Club staff for their hard work during the year.

Election of the New Committee:

The meeting appointed Zadie Rose and Doreen Hopkins as scrutineers.

Only one candidate put his name forward for the post of President, Mr. Henry Hamlyn, who was accepted in the meeting by general acclamation.

Three candidates offered themselves for the post of Chairman; Mr. Frank Benham the retiring vice-chairman, Mrs. Marilyn Gibbons, and Mr. Michael Mitchell the retiring Chairman.  Each candidate gave a short address setting out their plans to improve the Club.  Mr. Godfrey Dallenger from the floor challenged Mrs. Gibbons’ candidacy asking whether she had served a qualifying period on the Club Committee.  Several members from the floor vouched that Mrs. Gibbons had served 4 years on the Club Committee.  A vote was taken; Mr. Benham receiving 12 votes, Mrs. Gibbons receiving 34, and Mr. Mitchell 29.  Mrs. Gibbons was declared duly elected.

Only one candidate put his name forward for the post of Vice-chairman, Mr. Phil Thorne, who though absent was accepted at the meeting by general acclamation.

The following members put themselves forward for the Committee:

Mr. F. Benham, Mr. Mick Bircham, Mr. Steve Cradduck, Mrs Doreen Dallenger, Mr. Godfrey Dallenger, Mr. Tony Gale, Mr. A. Lucus, Mrs. M. Mitchell, Mr. Colin Rees.  Mr. Benham immediately withdrew his candidacy and left the room.

The votes cast were as follows:  Mr. F. Benham 5, Mr. Mick Bircham 32, Mr. Steve Cradduck 45, Mrs Doreen Dallenger 54, Mr. Godfrey Dallenger 53, Mr. Tony Gale 52, Mr. A. Lucus 44, Mrs. M. Mitchell 40, Mr. Colin Rees 25.

Mrs. Mitchell then withdrew her candidacy and the incoming Committee was formed with Mr. Mick Bircham, Mr. Steve Cradduck, Mrs Doreen Dallenger, Mr. Godfrey Dallenger, Mr. Tony Gale, and Mr. A. Lucus.

Appointment of Arbitrators:

It was proposed by John Smith and seconded by Mr Arthur Speer that Mr. Brian Green, Mr. Brian Wells, Mr. Steven Young, & Mrs. Helen Kuster, should be appointed as Club arbitrators.  The motion was carried without dissent.


The outgoing Chairman said that financial restrictions had left little scope to make improvements to the Club over the preceding year, However he thanked the Women’s Section for their donation of sufficient wallpaper to redecorate the function room.  He also took the opportunity to thank Mr. Cradduck for all the additional help he had given over the year.  .


Ms. Emma McGill said that she had done the best she could with the budget she had been given to bring new sorts of music into the Club to attract a new clientele.


Mr. Frank Benham, having walked out of the meeting, was not available to give a sports report.

Matters Arising:

The incoming Chairman, Mrs. Gibbons thanked all those who had voted for her, hoping all members would support the new Committee.  She stressed the need to get Saturday nights going again and transform the atmosphere in the Club, and announced that she would be bringing a quiz back.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.30pm.

Minutes of the Special General Meeting of the Royal British Legion House (Blandford) Club Ltd.  Held on 19th December  2011

The President, Mr. Thorne, called the meeting to order and delivered the Exhortation

 Motion To Adopt the 2005 Model RBLC Rules

Proposed by Mr. M Mitchell, seconded by Mr. H Hamlyn.

Mr. Whillock questioned the necessity to change rules.  The Secretary pointed out that although he thought it unsatisfactory, the Royal British Legion had made it a condition of issuing a licence for the Club to operate that the Club adopt the latest edition rules.  The only alternative to accepting the rules was to cease to be an RBL Club.

The motion was put to a vote, of those present 13 voted in favour, one against and others abstained.  The motion was carried.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Royal British Legion House (Blandford) Club Ltd.  Held on 19th December  2011

Outgoing Committee:

Mr. P. Thorne (President), Mr. M. Mitchell (Chairman), Mr. H. Hamlyn (Vice Chairman), Mr. F. Benham, Mr. K Burrett, Mrs. M Mitchel, Mr. J. Davies (Secretary), Mr. N F Bumby (Treasurer).


Mr. Greg Bement of Wheatley Pearce Ltd., chartered accountants, presented a summary of accounts prepared by his company.  The Club had made a small loss of £2,703, and he remarked that bar receipts had fallen drastically.  Gross profit had slipped from 69% to 52% since the previous audit.  He said the balance sheet still showed that the Club was in a sound financial position but he warned that if the losses continued the Club’s financial position would soon erode.

Mrs. J Robinson proposed and Mr. H Hamlyn seconded a motion to accept the accounts and appoint Mr. Bement to be the Club auditor for the following year which was passed by a majority on a show of hands.

Questions arising from the auditor’s report:

Colin Clark asked what percentage of turnover was recommended by the RBL for staff salaries.  Mr. Bement replied that in his experience all Clubs exceeded the recommended level, but agreed wages were the Club’s biggest cost.

When asked how long the Club could sustain the current level lf trading losses he estimated 10 years.

Mr. Whillock asked if the Club had any other funds as a reserve in case of trouble.  He was told there were no other funds than those shown in the accounts.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 8th  December 2010:

The minutes of the previous AGM were read.  Mr Hamlyn proposed and Mrs. M Mitchell seconded a motion to accept the minutes, which passed without dissent.

President’s Address:

Mr. Thorne said   he didn’t have a lot to say.  He wished to refer only to the cut in Saturday night entertainment.  Regular entertainment was not supported by the membership and with regret the Committee had felt compelled to cut its coat according to its cloth.

Chairman’s Address:

The Chairman outlined the major expenses, which had hit the Club in the past year: £2,000 to replace the cellar cooling system, £600 to repair a gas leak, and £470 for electrical repairs.  Too few members had been attending when entertainment was organised, and Saturday bar takes did not justify the expense of hiring bands.   There will now be one dance Saturday a month and the Chairman pleaded with the members to support it.On a positive note, the Chairman pointed out that the redecoration of the Quiet Room had now been completed, and he thanked Mr. Godfrey Dallenger for donating a large screen television.  Further Mrs. Marie Parsons had offered to donate wallpaper for the refurbishment of the Extension.  The Chairman closed by thanking all the Club staff and the members who had helped over the past year.

Mr. Whillock asked whether the two bar tills could be used to run a “Happy Hour”.  The Secretary promised to look into it.

Other suggestions from the floor were to cut the price of soft drinks to encourage parents to bring children in, and Ms. McGill suggested running DVDs for children in the Quiet Room.

Election of the New Committee:

Two scrutineers were appointed.

There were two candidates for Club President.  Mr. Phil Thorne received 21 votes and Mr. Henry Hamlyn 24.  Mr. Hamlyn was declared duly elected as Club President.

There was a round of applause for retiring president Mr. Thorne.

Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Benham were returned unopposed as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively.

The following candidates offered themselves for the Committee:  Mr. A K Whillock, Mr. J Herbert, Ms. E McGill, Mr. S Cradduck, and Mr. C Rees.  As there were no other candidates Mr. Hamlyn proposed and Mr. Jardine seconded a motion that they be elected en bloc which was passed without dissent.

Appointment of Arbitrators:

Mr. Hamlyn proposed and Mr. Cradduck seconded a motion to re-appoint Mr. A Cook, Mr. T Rickard. & Mrs. D Hine as Club arbitrators.  The motion was carried without dissent.


Mr. Hamlyn said over the past year the challenge had been to find out what entertainment the Club would support.  Disco’s and dances had been tried but few youngsters were tempted in.  The Club had still not worked out what it wanted.  If the members want bands they will have to be prepared to pay to listen to live music.  Mr. Burrett pointed out that a few years ago the Club had tried to charge £3/head to come and see live music and the membership had objected that it was a members club and there should not be charging for entry.

The Chairman said that next year he was determined there should be a Christmas party for the kids.

Mr. Whillock said that he played in two bands and believed if they could practice in the Club they would play some Saturday nights for no charge.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.







 February 10th 2015 General committee meeting
Apologies:- None all members in attendance Maters arising from previous minutes (January 2015)None:- Proposed:- Mr. M Bircham  Second:- Ms. Caroline Scott The minutes be accepted  Approved without dissent.
Entertainments Mr. D. Burns indicated that    Tickets fro the Meet loaf venue should be pushed. He was able to get good air time on BFPS to promote the club. Contracts for the ABBA Tribute night were signed and we will get ticket sales under way. The Women’s Section approached to see if the club would be willing to pay half the cost (£90) Towards their evening soiree Proposed:- Mr. D. Burns Second:- Mr. A. Gale that this be so Approved without dissention Further preparations were under way working towards Armed Forces day The kit for the advertising on the club television would be installed on Friday this week
Sports Mr. s. Cradduck told the committee that the Children’s Skittles was all set up With regards to the Super League darts the sec. asked Mr. Cradduck to look again at the Figures. Mr. Cradduck said that there was plenty of time as nothing had been finalised as yet
Caterings. S. Bull informed the committee that Denise was returning to be our cook. She asked the committee for a bit of patience whilst everything was sorted out.
Buildings and Fabrics Mr. M. Bircham warned the committee that we where getting a visit from the RBL  Health and safety officer and that he was sure it would lead to another list of things to be carried out.
Any other business The sec reported that following the resolution passed by the committee with regards to all day Saturday opening. He had discussed this matter with the steward and she said it would be better If she should decide if there where enough customers in the club at the time. Also, if we where intending to get more functions it would mean some staff working from 10am to 1am.We don’t have the staff to sensibly cover this. Burns said that the committee had decided to open all day Saturday and that is what is going to happen. The sec. reported on three letters that had arrived 2 from ex employees and 1 from Debbie (Phil Thorne’s daughter) The committee took time to read and evaluate all 3 letters.
Conclusions All 3 letters appeared to be a concerted arrangement with copies going to John Fincham and the branch All 3 letters did not have an actual complaint but where litanies As far as the Debbie letter was concerned (Which is not dated and no reply address), in any event, this happened outside of the club and was therefore not under the committees jurisdiction. The remarks from Debbie needed no follow up. With regards to the letters from Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Mansfield, the committee where sorry that they felt they had a negative experience when employed by the club. All comments in both letters where duly noted and we would wait for comments to come back from the branch and John Fincham. Mr. D. Gonthier pointed out that Ms. S. Withall was not on the list of our mediation sub-committee. The sec. apologised for this error and of course Ms. Withall was part of that team. The meeting concluded its business at 20 40 hours. The date of the next meeting was set for Tuesday march 10th with a 7:30 pm start. Signed…………………….           Club Chairman   10th march 2015
 January 20th  2015 management committee meetingApologies: – None, all members in  attendanceMatters arising from December 2014 minutes:- NoneProposed:- Mr. A. Mr. M. Bircham Second:- Mr. A. gale That the minutes for December 2104 be approved Approved without dissention Mr. D. Burns asked the meeting for moving on. He told the committee that 2 club members Mr. D. Gonthier and Ms. Sarah Withal had asked if they could be co-opted on to the club general committee. The chairman asked for a vote and as the vote was 100% for they where welcomed on to the committee by the chairman.
Entertainment:-  Mr. DS. Burns reported that that the birthday party for Mrs. C. Moore went very well and there was a nice atmosphere in the club.At the end of January he was looking at putting a disco on a Saturday evening to break up the gaps we have between our next live entertainments. On the 7th February we have another birthday party. We then have a Valentines Party with Owen and Darren performing. We have got “Meetloaf” coming up; the tickets will be available form tomorrow. Thanks to Mr. D. Gonthier he is going to get us a half hour slot a BFPS.This is a great opportunity to promote the club. Mr. Burns hoped to get a good St. Patricks night sorted out; he hoped he could obtain the services of a group from the camp. He reported that he now had the contracts for “Abba “on receipt of our signed contract they will send us their publicity material. On the 17th October we will be having a full “Elvis –Las Vegas show. David Jardine has asked us if we could look up and get booked “Cat and Mouse for his father’s birthday party. The sec said he was sure he did have their details on record and he would look them up after the meeting and pass them on. Mr. D. Burns asked if he could have a sum of money for Valentines decorations also he asked the sec to place an advert early in February to promote the event. Mr. Burns said he will have the adverts for the television installed this week and the staff must be shown how to put the T.V. on to the required station .He went on to say that a framework had been put in place for the events on “Armed Forces Day” and the committee would be kept informed.
Sports report Mr. S. Cradduck indicated to the committee that he was in discussions to get the Super league to use the club. The thing it £ 150 for half their coach for each time they come to play at the club but we will easily recuperate the cost in beer sales and also we need to pay for 50 shirts.  The sec. asked how many times they would be playing at the club,Mr. Cradduck said it was 14. The sec said that means we have to pay out 14x £ 150 plus the cost of the shirts. Mr. Cradduck said we could try and get somebody to sponsor it.  Asked how much the bar would take Mr. Cradduck said he would expect £ 1,000 each time. . The sec. said that means an income £14,000, against an outlay of around £ 2,550 on paper would make an overall profit. The sec said he would go away and fine tune and evaluate. Mr. Cradduck asked if the cushions on Snooker table number 1 could be services and also Mr. Mitchell had asked again about blackout curtains’. Mr. Bircham said he had also been collared and now Mrs. Riggs was back he could start on the long list of outstanding items he had to deal with.
Catering Ms. S. bull told the committee she had a list of things that needed to be attended to in the kitchen. The list was from NDDC . Mr. Bircham said that he was aware of the list and would do his level best to give it a priority. The sec pointed out that although we have dropped to level 3 the items when completed would put is back up to a 5. Further to this the business plan for this financial year shows that we are looking to improve the equipment in the kitchen to enable us to develop that side of the business. Mr. Cradduck asked that he could point out that generally the standard of catering for darts team nights had fallen. Ms. S. Bull interjected to say that she was already making in roads to this problem and it would be dealt with. Mr. Cradduck said he felt that the budget was £ 1 per head and that was too low. Ms. Bull said that was not the core of the problem but proper economic shopping is the answer.Mr. D. Burns said that the key may be to establish a standard and work form there..
Building and fabrics Mr. M. Bircham began by telling the committee we are to get a visit from the RBL health and safety. After his last visit over 2 years ago nothing was done and it looks like it is another thing that was put away to be left for others to deal with in the future. The list sent to the club was to have been completed by December 2012. Fortunately it transpires that because of the works we have carried out some elements of the requirements have accidentally been carried out. Mr. Bircham said that he had located a pair of Dyson hand dryers at the right money and he would begin installation of same in a few days time. Mr. D. Burns said that this was very good news as now people would stop badgering him over the subject.
Finance Mr. Bircham said that there was not too much to report other than as at today there was around £ 19,000 in our current account and after November and Decembers bills where paid there would be a surplus. If you compare that with this time last year we are in pretty healthy position. Now that Mrs. Riggs was back there will be an examination of contracts of employment. The secretary will be visiting some other Legion club secretaries basically to pick their brains on the matter. Mr.  B Bircham said that what we have to be really careful about is any commitment we make on behalf of future committees.
The sec told the committee that we had been give a £ 100 donation which and been banked. The sec reported that the daughter of Godfrey Dallenger had been in the club again last Sunday and more than that she had once again had not been signed in. Mr. Gale said that as soon as he come into the club Mr. Dallenger was down is throat asking when is the committee going to sort out the business of his daughters complaint .Mr. Gale said he told Mr. Dallenger the committee had already dealt with the matter and their findings would be sent by letter to her. Mr. Dallenger said that she had not received any letter. The secretary said he despatched a letter the very next day after the last committee meeting and it was posted first class. The sec dais he would send a copy once again and in the future in this sort of correspondence is sent by special delivery. Mr. Peter Warwick making a complaint John (Tesco) his general complaint was that John was making remarks regarding their need for walking sticks at Mary Roebucks Wake. He said he will be satisfied with a letter of complaint. John has done and I hope this is the end of the matter.
Any other Business Mr. Burrett said he was concerned about children being in the club after 9 at night. The sec said that he knew what he was alluding to but we where quite powerless to do any baring and although the sec and the co0mmittee where in sympathy with him the only step is to make Social Services aware of the situation. Mr. Gale said that in his view it is the parental responsibility not the clubs. Mr. Burns said that firstly we have a Valentines night coming up and he would like it be fantastic evening for the members with this in mind he asked the committee for a budget of £ 40 to spend on decorations and chocolates. This was approved without dissent. Mr. Burns aid that as committee members we should all be carrying attendance duties. The chairman said she would re-do the duty roster. The sec said could he use his stock reply and that was if we get more people in the club during the week 2 bar staff would be needed and the problem is solved. Mr. Burns said that last year we had staff problems with Mrs. Moore and some others and he felt a staff meeting was needed with Ms. S. Bull and Ms. Scott as joint chair. Basically if a member of staff has a complaint they would have mediators who would report back to the committee. Mr. Burns said that he proposed that we have an 8 week trial of opening all day Saturday to bring extra revenue. This was approved by the committee. The secretary informed the committee that there was a brewery rise on the horizon. The committee as a whole agreed that we stand the rise and not increase prices to the members on this occasion. The meeting ended at 2040 hours Signed……………….. Chairman                                    ……/…../ 2015
 December 9th 2014 General committee meeting minutes Apologies:- None
Matters arising from November minutes:-Mr. Benham said he was fed up with being told he was drunk on Saturday nights and he did not go around the club on the last Saturday he was in encouraging committee members that they should get rid of the Secretary and Chairman. He went on to say that in fact he only spoke to Mr. S. Cradduck  to say that that he must be strong at Tuesday night’s meeting because the secretary had told him he wouldn’t be secretary come Tuesday. The secretary was incredulous and incandescent with rage when he utterly refuted that he said that he had said no such thing. Mr Benham said that the secretary said this to him when Mr. D. Burns was playing a machine. Mr. Burns asked Mr. Benham “where you wearing a suit” Mr. Benham replied “Yes I was” Mr. Burns said that he (Mr. Burns) was actually sitting down at the table in company. Mr. Benham said I don’t get drunk when I come in and most times I only drink coke as anyone will tell you And if there is any more of this he will be going to his solicitor. Mr. Hamlyn said he had witnesses at his table who would testify to his said of things. The secretary said the problem is a previous decision by the committee in that nobody could actually say if someone was drunk or not.Proposed:- Mr. T. Gayle that the November 2104 minutes be approved Second:- Mr. S. CradduckApproved without dissent
Entertainments:- Mr. F. Benham reported that this coming Saturday was a Buddy Holly tribute Band. The secretary said that in the diary was “The Rock and Roll Tribute Band” not a Buddy Holly tribute Band. Mr. Benham said that they do the \buddy Holly stuff in the second half. Mr.
Benham went on to complain that the secretary had not been getting posters from the band .The secretary pointed out that it was up to the bands to send posters if they wanted to promote themselves. Mr. Benham said that the children’s Christmas party was taking place this Saturday coming. The sec. asked Mr. Hamlyn if this was the party organised by Liz and Angie the cleaners and replied yes.
Sports Report:- Mr. S. Cradduck said that a couple of lads from Sturminster Newton club and played snooker for them had been in to talk to him because their club had disposed of their snooker table. They wanted to bring 3 snooker teams to our club for their matches. The 2 lads have joined up as members and he will be discussing timings with them. Mr. Cradduck pointed out that existing snooker balls where in a bit of a state and will the committee approve the purchase of 2 new sets of snooker balls. This was agreed without dissent.
Camp liaison: – Mr. D. Burns said that the Sergeants mess meeting held in the club was very successful. He was disappointed that he did not get any help in setting the meeting up. Mr. Burns also pointed out that there will be meeting with the phase two’s on the camp with the object of promoting the club and branch
Catering:- The sec. pointed out that there was still a lot of paperwork to be done over the allergy situation. Mr. Cradduck asked why this day was there 2 personnel in the kitchen and only about 3 people in the club wanted food. The sec. said that the food was secondary. Sharon felt that as she they where in there doing the deep clean in preparation for the visit from the council to inspect the kitchen.
Buildings and contents:- Mr. M. Bircham pointed out that not much physical work had been done recently due to time constraints.
Finance:- Mr. M. Bircham told the committee that the finances where in good order and we had more than enough money in the bank to cover our present bills.
Correspondence:- The Chairman read out a letter of resignation by Mr. A. Lucas .Mr. Burns asked the secretary to write to Mr. Lucas thanking him for his work on behalf of the club and his offer to carry on certain duties. A letter of complaint from a Tina Lewis against Mr. Bill Moore wolf whistling her. The Sec. pointed out that Ms. Lewis was not a member of the women’s section and was not signed in by a club member on the day of the alleged event The committee discussed the matter and came to the following conclusions:- There is no procedure within the club rules for non-members to complain to the committee Ms. Lewis was in the club illegally by virtue of the fact she had not been signed in. The committee could not understand why Mr. Moore who wolf whistled Ms. Lewis many times in the past had all of a sudden decided to make an allegation about it and felt there was more to this than meets the eye. The Committee instructed the secretary to write to Ms. Lewis telling her of the reasons the alleged offence would not be heard and also point out that she was only entitled to come in to the club once every calendar month a guest. The sec. reported that he had written to Mrs. S. Benham telling her that she had accidentally been paid somebody else’s wages and she was to return the money. Mr. F. Benham (also husband of Mrs. S. Benham) said that they had only received a second letter and had not received any first letter. He asked the secretary to go to the post office and get them to investigate. The Chairman pointed out that it was an ordinary letter and tracking would not take place so it would be a pointless exercise. Mr. Benham said that he would pay the money when he received a copy of the first letter and would we like cash or cheque. The meeting ended at 2020 hours     Signed…………………………..                   Chairman        / 01/15
NOVEMBER 11TH 2014 GENERAL COMMITTEE MINUTESApologies: – Mr. F. Benham,Mrs. Tillman
Matters arising form previous month’s minutes: – None Proposed: – Mr. A. Lucas Second: – Mr. A. Gayle October 2014 minutes be approved and a copy put on the notice board Approved without dissent
Sports Report: – Mr. S.Cradduck said he was very confident he had clawed back 2 skittles teams .There was going to be a series of Round Robins played home and away with military members of Blandford Camp.
Entertainments report: – none gave Mr. F. Benham not present.
Camp liaison: – None given Mr. S.Tillman not present
Buildings and contents report: – Mr. M. Bircham reported that the heating situation was nearly resolved and he would be turning his attention his attention to the roof leaks. Mr. D. Burns stated that one particular evening he had to put a number of buckets down to catch leaks. Mr. Bircham indicated that he was aware of the problem but could not resolve it until the inclement weather abated.
Catering: – The secretary reported that Sharon now had the 2 teams as I requested and she had also produced a list of qualifications for each person with a view to getting them to go on courses to upgrade qualifications. He also said that that catering sales where going up and the feed back from users was very positive. Mr. Gayle said he could back that up because he brought e few friends in for the last Sunday roast an they where very impressed.
Finance: – Mr. Bircham reported that the black column in our accounts was looking good at the moment. He also said that the more money we have in the bank by 31st December would help an awful lot through the quiet months of January and February when we have a lot of paying out to do
Correspondences:- The secretary reported that Mr. Tillman in his apology asked him to remind the committee of the up and coming Sergeants mess meeting and the fact that nobody had communicated with “Fretwork”. The sec said this was not true he had sent an e-mail saying we where booked up for this year but their information would be given to next Entertainments Chairman. There was a letter of complaint from Mrs. Doreen Dallenger with regards to the swear word he used in her vicinity within the confines of the club. The committee thoroughly debated the matter and came to the decision that Mr. Moore be written a letter of admonishment and be made ware of club rule 21 (bad language) Latter of complaint from Mrs. S. Hammond, club catering manager. This was in the form of 2 pages with lots of remarks. The secretary gave each member a copy of the letter and asked each person to tell him when they had all read the latter then we could proceed to discussion. Mr. Burns said that firstly we have duty of care to our employees and this needs to be treated by us (the committee) very seriously, all agreed. the Chairman pointed out that one of the complaints in Hammonds letter regarding appertaining to Mrs. Hammonds well being was not only said to the secretary but also directly by Mr. Moore to her so there was no question of this just being one persons word against another. Mr. Burns asked who had told Mrs. Hammond about what had been said. The secretary told the committee it was he who had informed Mrs. Hammond he believed that Mr. Moore’s comments where thoroughly disgusting and showed a prejudice towards people who may have a mental illness. Further, there where other remarks made but as they where no witness to the remarks he could not bring them up in front of the committee but they where of a prejudice towards a certain religion which we must absolutely stamp on whether it be on a moral or the fact that that the Royal British Legion by it’s statute does not tolerate any form of prejudice never mind the law. After debate about the whole of Mrs. Hammonds letter the committee came to the following conclusions As Mrs. Hammond says in the first paragraph of her letter that she will accept an apology from Mr. Moore and she would be satisfied the secretary shall write to Mr. Moore asking him to apologise. If Mr. Moore does not comply the matter is to be brought to the committee at the December meeting and the matter will re-discussed. Mr. Burns said Mrs. Hammond’s letter seemed to him to be symptomatic of the general ill feeling amongst some of the staff. Mr. Burns suggested that a compulsory meeting be organised for the catering staff, other staff can attend the meeting if they so wished. The committee agreed and appointed Mr. H. Hamlyn to chair the meeting with the secretary in attendance to give any clarifications.
A.O.B:-“Mr. Burns pleaded with the committee to bring the daily papers’ back .It was becoming frustrating when he comes in to the club to socialise to keep having his ear bent. The secretary sympathised with Mr. Burns but advised him that we do have a procedure in place. If any body complains about anything to a committee member they will be informed that they must put the complaint in writing and any complaint received 7 days prior to the next committee meeting will be dealt with as swiftly a possible. Mr. H. Hamlyn said he was sorry Mr. F. Benham was not in attendance so he could speak to him directly with the following words. Mr- Hamlyn: – “last Saturday evening (8th November) I was socially attending the club especially as it was the Poppy Dance. I was approached by Frank Benham who, to say least was unsteady on his feet. He vent his spleen on me saying that at the next committee meeting we should sack the secretary and have a vote of no confidence to “get shut” of the chairman. I told him to go away as I was trying to enjoy the evening. The committee duly selected and appointed the secretary. The members of the club at an AGM elected the chairman. If Frank Benham does not like the way the system works and cannot work in a team situation with his committee he should resign.”
The Date of the next meeting Tuesday 9th December 2014 7 30 PM
7th October 2014 General committee meeting Apologies: – Mr. S. Tillman, Mr. H. Hamlyn
Matters arising from previous minutes:- Mr. Bircham told the committee as discussed at the previous meeting a carcass business plan had been done and each member of the committee will be given a copy and he hoped by the time we get to the AGM we would be able to present a fully detailed plan. Proposed:- Mr. S. Cradduck,second, Mr. A. Lucas that the September 2014 minutes be accepted and be put on the club notice board Approved without dissent
Sports report-Mr. S Cradduck reported that the darts function was very successful night, both in the organisation and the bar takings. Due to the former, the club has been awarded another darts finals night. He was still chasing up other potential skittles and pool teams.
Catering:- The secretary reported that there was further legislation from the government with regards to allergies and providing healthy options on our menus. He went on to say that that Sharon had a good handle on the paper work and would be making the kitchen staff aware of the importance of compliance.
Buildings and Fabrics:-  Mr. M. Bircham went through a small list of items attended to or is in hand to be carried out as soon as time becomes available to him.
Entertainments:-  Mr. F. Benham said there was little to report as all the entertainments had been booked for this year. Due to fact he came straight from Dorchester hospital to attend the meeting he was unable to get his paper work from home.
Finance:- Mr. Bircham reported that at this day there was just over £ 6,000 in the current account At the 30th September (year end) there was £ 10,300. If you factor in the £ 10,000 loss of revenue from the tables it would have been very different. However, because we had survived that loss it is kicked out of figures for next year and when we start getting an income again from the stables it will be great help. He said this matter will be dealt with in the club business plan.
Correspondence:- The secretary reported that the was just one item for the committee this was British gas trying to charge the club for gas used prior to 23rd March 2014 when the stables where under the wing of County RBL
Any other business:- The secretary told the committee that he had cancelled the daily deliver  of newspapers. Mr. D. Burns said that on that point he had 2 members complain to him that it was only around 48 pence per day. The secretary advised Mr. Burns that the annual cost of the daily newspaper was £ 230: 40 and was a luxury we cannot afford. Mr. Burns emptied on to the table a large amount of Lottery King Tickets to show that one of the members put in quite a large amount of money but had got back just £1 returns The secretary told Mr. Burns he would get all the figures to him regarding how many winning tickets and the margins yielded etc.
The meeting ended at 2010 hours and the date for the next meeting was set for Tuesday 11th November 2014 1930 start     Signed…………………………….                   Date 11th November 2014

Club Sports


Sat 29th Aug -super league away game

Mon 21st Sept Darts men’s pairs



Blandford British Legion Club were pleased to provide the Venue for the Dorchester County Summer Darts League Winners Presentation Night on the 18th October 2013 The Winners were  

 Sec 1 Men’s Singles -Alan Morris (Blue Vinny)

Sec 2 Men’s Singles – Dan Evans (Milborne Troubleshooters) Ladies Singles -Linda Delpinto (Railway Sleepers) Sec 1 Men’s Pairs – Pat Brown & Matt Cooper (Megan’s Boys) Sec 2 Men’s Pairs -Frank Benham & Ken Burrett (RBL Jokers) Ladies Pairs – Hollie Beaumont & Linda Delpinto (Railway Sleepers) Mixed Pairs -Gary Pitfield & Sarra Dellou (Milborne Outlaws) Sec 1 Trebles – Blue Vinny Sec 2 Trebles -Charlton B Captain’s Cup -Brian Collier (3 C’s) DSC01264 DSC01274DSC01263                                           Some of the winners DSC01264 DSC01222DSC01228                                       nice to  see a Full House DSC01202DSC01206DSC01207                                     Some of the trophies DSC01226DSC01217    

 John Shannon & Steve Cradduck                Some of the Buffet Provided
John Shannon is the Secretary of the DCSDL Darts web address,
Steve Cradduck is Blandford RBL Club Sports Secretary 
LVA Darts Finals Presentation Night 27th September 2013
                                                                     THE TROPHIES
              SOME OF THE PLAYERS
Premier Section KO Runners Up Stur RBL
Premier Section KO Winners Shaston Boys
Premier League Runners Up Snooky Bears 
Premier League Winners Shaston Boys
Team of the Season  Damory X
Premier  Highest Shot Out Woman  Linda Delpinto 117
Premier Highest Shot Out Men  Neil Arnett 157
MOST 180’S
Premier League most 180’s Men  6-Mark Bowden, Pete Brundish
Premier Markswoman  Sally Old
Premier Marksman  Nigel Lamb
Ladies Achievement Trophy Mary Dumaresq
Men’s Achievement Trophy Wesley Eastment
Mixed Pairs Runners Up Jenny Edwards/Phil Ruddle
Mixed Pairs Winners Nigel Lamb/Cath Cambell
Ladies Pairs Runners Up Sharon Cork/Bee Morden
Ladies Pairs Winners Mary Dumaresq/Jenny Edwards
Men’s Pairs Runners Up Andy Crane/Bob Winton
Men’s Pairs Winners Nigel Lamb/Mark Bowden
Captain’s Cup Runners Up Frank Benham
Captain’s Cup Winner Nigel Lamb
Premier Section Singles Ladies Runners Up  Bee Morden
Premier Section Singles Ladies Winner  Jenny Edwards
Premier Section Singles Men’s Runners Up Mark Bowden
Premier Section Singles Men’s Winner Nigel Lamb
for more information about Blandford Darts League go to their website  
 Round Robin Pairs Crib on Monday 30th September sign in 19:15 start 19:30 entry fee £4 each pair. prizes for Raffle welcome, for more info contact Vicky Cutler 01258451134
On  Wednesday 17th April the Club staged the Men & Ladies Pairs final,
Started by Keith & Lynsey Gillingham at the Damory Oak
Blandford British Legion Club are hosted the Micky Parker/ Gordie Jones Memorial Shield Blind Pairs Dart’s Tournament on Sunday 5th May starting at 2pm, entry fee of £2 for the British Heart Foundation, the Club will be open all day from 12pm,  it is an open day so everyone including Children  welcome to come and play or watch,
Round Robin Pairs Crib on Monday 13th May sign in 19:15 start 19:30 entry fee £4 each pair.there will be a Raffle in aid of the Poppy Appeal  prizes for Raffle welcome, for more info contact Vicky Cutler 01258451134
The Dorchester County Darts League will be holding their Finals & Presention Evening at the Blandford British Legion Club on Friday 18th October 2013 starting at 19:30


DSC01021 DSC01020


For your Poppy Wreath contact the Blandford an District Poppy Appeal organiser David Jardine home phone 01258 452986 after 6pm or work 01258 482351 mobile 07587023214.

Wreath price list

Type A spray of Poppies 7″diameter £10.00

Type B 17″diameter Wreath of Poppies £17.00

Type C 17″ diameter Wreath of Poppies with Badge of choice affixed £18.50

Type D Cross of Poppies 21″x 12″ £15.50

Type E Chaplet of Poppies £15.00

Type F 17″diameter Wreath of all Poppies £20.00

Type G 18″diameter Civic Wreath of Poppies £50.00

Type J 17″ diameter Wreath roundel in red, white and blue Carnations £25.00

Type K 17″diameter Wreath Roundel in red white and blue Carnations with badge of choice £25.00

Type L 10″ diameter small round Wreath of Poppies £12.00 




Photo Gallery

Some of the Medals on display in Blandford British Legion Club

Some Members enjoying a drink in the Club

The Foyer of the Club

A Club Member playing Pool

Crowd at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday


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